Shavon E. White

Hey, there!

I'm Shavon, a young woman from a small town in New York called Brooklyn. I wear multiple hats as a Producer, Life Strategist, Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Web Designer in training, but most importantly I am a C.O.G (Child of God). I truly believe you can be anything you want to be, you just have to have faith and a plan.

I started my journey towards Seeking My Truth near the end of 2015, after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. Suddenly, I felt the urge to empower women to do the same, but with the support of other women in an atmosphere full of love, faith, compassion, and sisterhood. What I’ve learned through sharing my own testimony, is that God has the perfect fit for you—and not the person or thing you try to make fit.We should all strive to be transparent because, there is so much power in sharing our testimony and it can really alter a person’s life.


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