Women's Empowerment Brunch



Author and public speaker, Greg S. Reid stated, a dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, and a plan backed by actions makes your dreams come true.

These were the steps Shavon White took when she challenged women to seek their truth. On Saturday, June 11, her vision came to life, when she debuted a women's empowerment brunch, Seek Your Truth, held in New York City. The harmonious occasion was orchestrated by Seek Your Truth and #iSmileForAngele.

The afternoon welcomed an array of women: entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, media mavens, and aspiring industrialists. The attendees expected to experience something great, and they did. Between the mimosas and scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, prepared by chef Michael Scipione, a room surrounded by cheerful, colorful flowers added to the positive feng shui of the room, the panel spoke about life to an audience which left them inspired and ready to dig up new goals. The panel of six consisted of: Nutritionist, CEO and Founder of Y-Juice, Yazzmen Lloyd, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Cyndy Small, Founder of #iSmileforAngele Foundation and music-lifestyle blogger Chanel "Speedy" Benjamin, celebrity makeup artist and motivational speaker Dr. Cheryl Williams, television executive and the CEO of More Media LLC, Alvina Alston as well as the founder herself Shavon E. White.

Many times, someone shares their story and it touches another deeply. It can inspire them to take a step forward, unafraid, into their destiny towards their dreams. Many folks search for mentorship, confirmation, or simply like-minded individuals to surround themselves for encouragement.

As Cheryl quoted to the audience, “Detrimental, dangerous relationships, they’re keeping you from walking into your actual destiny; but the truth of the matter is… it’s a part of your journey to help you become the woman you were designed by God to be…” The Seek Your Truth Brunch acted as the missing link for those women, and provided a networking opportunity to create new friendships, partnerships, and sisterhoods that will grow into a support system.

Shavon made sure to spread that message throughout the afternoon instilling into those under the sound of her voice, they are all sisters. She explained, “We need to support each other as women…we really need to come together…we are all sisters.” Every speaker challenged their listeners to think outside of the box, such as ritualistically working a 9-5 job. Cyndy explained “As women, we are meant for more in our lives and in order to do so it's necessary to push ourselves…You have to create something for yourself…whatever you’re passionate about follow it.” Of course, in order walk wholeheartedly into one’s destiny and live in their truth, it's imperative to know they are beautiful, and powerful so when they take that step in faith they can walk with expectancy just as Alvina revealed to the women.

Although this was the debut of a new movement, many more are expected to grow from here, and reach women of a wider demographic.

Written by: The Ultimate Dream Catcher