Seek Your Truth "Dreams and Visions Journal" (PRE-ORDER)

Seek Your Truth "Dreams and Visions Journal" (PRE-ORDER)

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This journal was created just for you. To help strengthen you to Seek Your Truth in who God has called you to be in this season of your life.  I know, God has blessed you with many gifts and talents. And He wants you to put them to greater use. I’m a huge advocate for writing my dreams, prayers, and visions down to hopefully see them manifest later on (if it is God’s will, of course). As it is written in the word, Habakkuk 2:2 says, “write the vision, and make it plain”. So, please use this journal as a tool of encouragement and guidance for your next level. And be sure not to limit what GOD can do for you. “For he is not a man, that he should lie”. ~ Numbers 23:19.

Shavon White
CEO & Founder of Seek Your Truth

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